Momeni Cannes

Gold CAN-05


Nourison Applique

Wine 7.6x9.6

Oriental Weavers Salerno

​2838D Light Brown 7.8x10.10

Handmade Persian Rugs also in stock. Be sure and ask to see these gems and get the best prices in Central Kentucky!

Loloi Anastasia

AF-12 Multi  6.7x9.2


Now Just $360.00

Oriental Weavers Richmond

119/CC3 7.10x10.10

Oriental Weavers Salerno

2838B Cream 7.8x10.10

Nourison Timeless Collection

TML-04 SCARL 7.9x9.9

Nourison Gemstone

SMKQZ 7.9x9.9

Loloi Fulton

07 Dark Olive 7.10x11.10

Oriental Weavers Verona 1803T


Nouirson Kathy Ireland Babylon

​BAB01 Black Persepolis 5.3x7.5

Loloi Anastasia

AF-06 Rust 6.7x9.2

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Momeni Cannes

CAN 01-Beige


This is just a taste of our inventory!

Stop by today to see our much larger selection of area rugs. If you like anything online we have pictured be sure and ask to see it and get pricing.

Oriental Weavers Salerno 2859F

Mocha Blue 7.8x10.10

Nourison Alexandria

AL07 Green 7.9 x 10.10

Oriental Weavers Revival

550R2 Burgundy 7.10x10.10

Loloi Sunshine Fern SS-05 5x7.6


Nourison Gemstone

Tourm-02 8.6x11.6