Want hardwood look without the cost of hardwood? Laminate may be the choice for you. Durable and more scratch resistant than wood, laminate looks great in most areas of your home. Don't want to pay an installer? No problem! Laminate is a user friendly flooring than almost anyone can install.

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on a wall?


Wall design with laminate works best visually for transitional applications, or to create textural or tonal contrast.
Make sure the wall surface is completely flat. Laminate planks are manufactured perfectly and will show any irregularities in the wall when laid down.
When repairing irregularities, screw on a sheet of plywood (as thin as you can get) on the wall before installing laminate wood walls.
Before mounting a TV or other items, screw in a sheet of plywood on the wall first and then install the laminate planks on top of the plywood. You will have added support for the screws bearing the weight.