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The benefits of Luxury Vinyl? Where do we begin? This product is proving to be a best seller, and not just for its great realistic looks. It is durable, water resistant, warm, easy maintenance, minimal repair work if needed, can go over almost any existing floor and it's reasonably priced. Need any more reasons? There are several brands that offer this product and we love them all! Because this product is resistant to water it can go anywhere in your home and no worrying needed. We have talented installers who work with this product just about every week. Ask about this as an option for your next flooring project. We have a display area in our showroom so you can get an idea of how it will feel. 

Luxury Vinyl

Click on the link below to use Karndean's room view feature on their website. You will get a better idea of what Luxury Vinyl will look great in your space.